100% Clean Energy-Powered Crypto-Mining

OFB Mining Operations

Our 2 MW mining capacity is incrementally increasing to 6 MW in 2022. The Ocean Falls facility has the potential to provide up to 30 MW in 2023. We will invest strategically into new mining units to fuel compound growth and maintain competitiveness.

The West Coast Marine Terminals (WCMT) at the mouth of the Gold River is our upcoming facility for digital asset mining. It also has the potential to facilitate other businesses utilizing excess heat from mining.


Bitcoin Mining

Ocean Falls Facility

Since 1912, the falls formed the basus for the 2nd largest pulp and paper mill on the BC coast. The BC government has since taken over the property in 1980. The Company is proud to be a significant player revitalizing the historic town of Ocean Falls.

WCMT Facility

The partnership with West Coast Marine Terminals enables Ocean Falls to increase its minig capacity up to 80MW by the end of 2024, starting with an initial phase one expansion at the start of next year.


ionicons-v5-e Efficient Energy Utilization

Our effective cost of power is one of the lowest in the world.

ionicons-v5-e New Mining Units

New mining units to fuel compound growth and maintain competitiveness.

ionicons-v5-e Friendly Jurisdiction

Located in Canada, we are fully registered and approved to operate.

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