Diversified blockchain organization exploring digital asset mining and decentralized insurance

Management team brings extensive experience in Web3 technologies, crypto-mining, decentralized finance, capital markets, and more.

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Our Value Proposition


Diversified Blockchain Portfolio

Ocean Falls is a revenue-generating enterprise on a number of fronts, from bitcoin mining to DeFi-based insurance, marketplace services, and more.

Powered by Clean Energy

Ocean Falls will have up to 85 megawatts of clean energy powering its mining operations by 2026. And as a common thread, we promote and offer clean energy options and solutions across our verticals.


Commitment to Sustainability

From clean energy power to fuel our mining operations to continuing to foster growth and adoption, contributing to a sustainable ecosystem is a key pillar of Ocean Falls Blockchain.



Ocean Falls Blockchain Now Offering Fractional Ownership of Crypto-Mining Rigs

Jul 7, 2022
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Ocean Falls Blockchain Adds Steve Guan and Dr. William Schmachtenberg to its Board of Advisors

Jun 30, 2022
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Ocean Falls Blockchain Joins “Green BTC” Initiative Terra Pool

Jun 22, 2022
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Blockchain company generating across multiple revenue streams

Key partnerships with global market leaders and major players in the blockchain industry.

Data as of Jun 3, 2023


Renewable energy resources


Pipeline to clean energy resources

< $0.05

per kW/h Electricity costs

2.880 EH/s

Projected rate by end of 2026


Core Values

The building blocks of the Company

Integrity + Ethics

Without such ideals, a positive path forward is impossible. A principled, honest approach to doing the right thing is mission-critical across all initiatives Oceans Falls leads

Blockchain Access for All

Intuitive, barrier-removing application design and software development that focuses on simplicity - this is a keystone across all Ocean Falls blockchain solutions and applications

Supporting Sustainable Decentralization

From clean energy power to fuel our mining operations to continuing to foster growth and adoption of Web3 solutions - Ocean Falls is building to a sustainable ecosystem

Taking on the Challenge

With emerging technologies and continuous innovation cycles, the pathways to success are far less paved. Shying away from doing what's difficult is not in our recipe for success.

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