Ocean Falls Blockchain (OFB) is a unified blockchain technology company encompassing an array of assets and intellectual property including a bitcoin mining operation located in the historic paper mill town of Ocean Falls along the central coast of BC in the Great Bear Rainforest.     OFB plans to expand on, develop and acquire a portfolio of blockchain technology applications in addition to generating foundation revenues from its bitcoin mining operations.

Key Features



Strong team with extensive experience in blockchain technology, bitcoin mining, insurance and capital markets.


Low Cost Mining

Electricity cost below $0.04 per kW/h (US) competitive with mining operations around the world.


Mining Cash Flow and Revenue Ready

A combination of existing bitcoin mining cash flow and blockchain applications with short term revenue potential position us ahead of the rest.


Canadian Stability and Town Revitalization

Located in a stable country operating out of an historic town that will be revitalized in the process.

Our Team


Crypto Climate Accord

Inspired by the Climate Accords, OFB is one of the first to join over 200 companies spanning the crypto and finance sectors to make a public commitment to achieve net-zero emissions from our operations.

Terra Pool Invitation

In addition to the Crypto Climate Accord, OFB has been invited to join Terra Pool. Terra Pool aims to expedite the shift from conventional power to clean energy and reduce the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment.