Who We Are

Helping create a decentralized world that is safe, sustainable, and accessible to all

Ocean Falls Blockchain was founded on the premise of supporting the Bitcoin network via a sustainable resource that mitigates the network’s burdensome tax on energy grids across the world.

Compounding initial successes, Ocean Falls has expanded its blockchain technology-focused verticals to include a DeFi-based captive insurance solution, a feature-rich NFT marketplace, and verticals including a cutting edge metaverse world, a DeFi-based captive insurance solution, lending application, and more.

Ocean Falls has long-been evangelists of decentralization and placing power in the hands of everyday users.

Now, we have an opportunity to continue to make that a reality.

Our Value Proposition


Diversified Blockchain Portfolio

Ocean Falls is a revenue-generating enterprise on a number of fronts, from bitcoin mining to DeFi-based insurance, marketplace services, and more.

Powered by Clean Energy

Ocean Falls will have up to 80 megawatts of clean energy powering its mining operations by 2025. And as a common thread, we promote and offer clean energy options and solutions across our verticals.


Commitment to Sustainability

From clean energy power to fuel our mining operations to continuing to foster growth and adoption, contributing to a sustainable ecosystem is a key pillar of Ocean Falls Blockchain.

Key People

Kevin Day

Chief Executive Officer,
Director and Founder

Kevin has 20+ years of experience and is a Blockchain specialist, full stack .NET developer and licensed commercial lines insurance broker.

Rob Clark

Senior Strategic Business Advisor

Rob has extensive experience within both the private equity markets, and domestic and international equity markets.

Marcus Ziganash

Head of Mining Operations

Marcus has extensive experience operating mining hardware and provides onsite management of our mining facility at Ocean Falls.

Randy Koroll

Chief Financial Officer

Randy joins Ocean Falls Blockchain Corp with 30+ years’ experience in finance and capital markets.

Daniel Klein

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel has 14+ years of experience in finance, operations, and strategy.

Strategic Partners