Bitcoin mining operation

Ocean Falls Blockchain is positioned to be a leading blockchain technology application developer with mid-size cryptocurrency mining operations in Canada.


Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that does not require an intermediary or government involvement. Since being introduced in 2008, bitcoin has steadily gained legitimacy as a viable payment form and is used as payment for an increasingly large number of goods and services. Bitcoin is actively traded and can either be purchased through an exchange or acquired through a process called “mining”.


We plan to have 2 MW  of mining capacity by Q3 2021,  with the opportunity to increase to 6 MW in 2022. The Ocean Falls facility has the potential to provide up to 20 MW of power.  We will invest strategically and in stages into new mining units to fuel compound growth and maintain competitiveness.


Our anchor location is a 110,000 sq. ft. Boralex owned (a Canadian based, global operator of renewable energy power facilities in Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States) secure building. We have a very favorable long term lease agreement with Boralex for the well maintained facility. Our operations and machines are located on the 2nd floor. The first floor is a machine shop with an extremely comprehensive inventory of tools and equipment for maintenance and our planned expansion.

Implementation and development of our blockchain applications will be done primarily in Vancouver and remotely.


Power Cost

Our effective cost of power is one of the lowest in the world. 

New Mining Units

New mining units to fuel compound growth and maintain competitiveness.


Ocean Falls is located at the end of Cousins Inlet, near Bella Bella, BC.  The falls formed the basis for a pulp and paper mill that went into operation in 1912.

At its largest, Ocean Falls was home to about 5000 people, had a K-12 school system, its own hospital, one of the province´s largest hotels and a swimming pool where several swimming champions trained.

In 1973, the paper mill once the 2nd largest pulp producing mill on the BC coast, ceased operations. The Province of British Columbia took over the property until 1980. Ocean Falls Blockchain is proud in being a major part in revitalizing the historic town of Ocean Falls.